Colloquium Archive

Fall 2016

October 7: Kate van Orden (Harvard University), “Learning to Read”

October 21: Tim Storhoff (ethnomusicologist and arts administrator), “Arts Policy and Musical Diplomacy in the Obama Era: An Ethnomusicologist and Arts Administrator’s Perspective”

December 2: Carol Oja (Harvard University), “Marian Anderson and the Desegregation of the American Concert Stage”

Spring 2016

January 29: Douglas Shadle (Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University)

February 12: Panel on Teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges: Nikki Malley (Associate Professor, Knox College); John Spilker (Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan
University); Jama Stilwell (Professor, Cornell College)

February 19: Kelsey McGinnis (University of Iowa)

February 26: Wendy Heller (Professor, Princeton University)

March 11: Elizabeth Margulis (Professor, University of Arkansas)

April 1: Melvin Butler (Assistant Professor, University of Chicago), co-sponsored with John Rapson

April 8: Danielle Fosler-Lussier (Associate Professor, the Ohio State University)

April 22: Ama Aduonum (Associate Professor, Illinois State University)

April 29: Matthew Arndt (Assistant Professor, the University of Iowa)

Fall 2015

September 4: Alison Altstatt (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa). Co-sponsored by Special Collections. Note alternate location: Room 2032, Main Library.

September 11: Drew Nobile (Assistant Professor, University of Oregon)

Note alternate time: October 5, 3:30 pm: Kurt Ellenberger (Grand Valley State University)

October 16: Paul Steinbeck (Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis)

November 20: Anna Gawboy (Assistant Professor, the Ohio State University)

Spring 2015

February 6: Anne MacNeil (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina)

February 20: Katherine Preston (Professor, William and Mary)

March 13: Alexander Rehding (Professor, Harvard University)

April 10: Anne Walters Robertson (Professor, University of Chicago)

May 1: Gretchen Horlacher (Professor, Indiana University)

Fall 2014

October 17: Jennifer Iverson (Assistant Professor of Music Theory, The University of Iowa)

October 24: Victoria Malawey (Assistant Professor of Music, Macalester College)

October 31: Marian Wilson Kimber (Associate Professor of Musicology, The University of Iowa)

November 14: Nathan Platte (Assistant Professor of Musicology, The University of Iowa)

December 5: Augusta Read Thomas (University Professor, University of Chicago)

December 12: Seth Brodsky (Assistant Professor of Music, University of Chicago)

Spring 2014

February 7: Benjamin Dwyer (Professor, Middlesex University, London)

February 21: David Huron (Professor, Ohio State University)

February 28: Jeffrey Magee (Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

March 7: Jennifer Teitle (Associate Director of Graduate Student Success, the University of Iowa)

March 28: Eric Saylor (Associate Professor, Drake University)

April 11: Melinda Boyd (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa)

May 2: William Caplin (James McGill Professor, McGill University)