All colloquium presentations are in 2 Voxman from 1:30–2:20 pm on Fridays, unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2018

February 9: Michael Eckert (University of Iowa), “Either/Or: Teaching Approaches to Renaissance Counterpoint”

February 16: Neil Lerner (Davidson College), “‘Show you the music?’: Trusting the Mute and Questioning Ableism in Film Music Theory”

February 23: Sarah Suhadolnik (University of Iowa), “Friendly Meetings Abroad: Navigating Geographies of Genre on Basin Street”

March 9: Patricia Hall (University of Michigan), “In the Margins”

March 21, 4 pm, 2 VOX, Anne Leonard (University of Chicago), “Present at the Creation: The Romantic Iconography of the Turned Canvas,” note special time

March 23: Jessica Kizzire (Greenville University, University of Iowa alumna)

March 30: Tony Perman (Grinnell College)

April 13: Steven Bruns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

April 20: Alison DeSimone (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

April 27: Aaron Allen (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), “Musical Trees”

May 4: Thomas Christensen (University of Chicago)


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