All colloquium presentations are in 2 Voxman from 1:30–2:20 pm on Fridays, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2018

September 7: Armando Duarte (University of Iowa)

September 14: Arnie Cox (Oberlin College and Conservatory), “Audible and Inaudible Features of Music

September 28: Jason Rawls, “Hip-Hop as an Educational Tool: Why Hip Hop Education is Imperative to Teachers and Students

October 26: Lisa Mumme (University of Iowa), “‘Angelica di voce’: Ángela Peralta as Nineteenth-Century Diva

November 9: Matthew Arndt (University of Iowa), “The Dark Side of Oz as Allegory of Spiritual Transformation”

November 30: Sarah Lucas (Drake University)

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