All colloquium presentations are in 2 Voxman from 1:30–2:20 pm on Fridays, unless otherwise noted. Check back for additions to the schedule.

Fall 2019

August 30: Welcome back meeting

September 20: Special event: Benjamin Revis, scientific glassblower, on the water clock for the Scientific Concert by Jean-François Charles, October 27.

Thursday evening, October 17, 7:30 pm: Bruce Gleason (University of St. Thomas), “Cavalry Kettledrummers, Trumpeters and Mounted Bands: Rome, the Crusades, Europe, and the Americas.” Note special time.

October 25: Nadine Hubbs (University of Michigan)

November 15: James Bungert (Rocky Mountain College)

Spring 2020

February 21: Monica Hershberger (SUNY Geneseo)

February 28: Danuta Mirka (Northwestern University)

March 6: James A. Grymes (University of North Carolina Charlotte)

April 10: Daphne Leong (University of Colorado Boulder)

Previous Semesters